No More Stigma – Finding a Way Forward

Mental health affects us all. As an individual, family, community and society. Creating a constructive space, fostering self-worth and supporting well being is a collective community effort.

million Americans thought about suicide in 2021
million Americans planned suicide in 2021
million Americans attempted suicide in 2021
Americans died by suicide in 2021 – 1 death every 11 minutes
0 %
Men die by suicide 3.5% more than women
0 %
White men account for 7 out of 10 suicides
10 th
Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death for adults
2 nd
Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people 15-34 years old
construction deaths nationwide in 2021 – 1,870 were from suicide

Why Construction? Our industry has the highest incident of prescription opioid use along with a high rate of alcohol and drug use.

  • Construction is a male-dominated industry.
  • Studies reveal that a majority of male employees do not take time to see doctors or mental health counselors.
  • Construction has been considered a “rough and tough” industry to work in. Culture of fearlessness and stoicism.
  • Stigma of mental illness encourages secrecy & isolation.
  • Frequent pressure regarding budget, schedule, productivity, quality, and safety standards.
  • High pressure can provide potential for failure, shame & humiliation.
  • The end of season or end of project layoffs can create financial stress.
  • Construction can be an isolating, lonely job.
  • Easy to get lost in work without positive outlet.
  • Chronic pain from years of hard, physical and manual labor.
  • Long work hours.
  • Time away from their families missing activities.
  • Sleep disruption due to work schedule or rotating shifts.
  • Use of alcohol and mood altering substances to cope.


Worried About Someone?

Discover a resource hub for supporting others’ mental health journeys. Compiled from diverse sources, this space encourages screenings, identifies warning signs, and promotes the #BeThe1To pledge. Empower those around you with actionable steps for making a positive impact. Recognize treating mental health same as physical health. Take time to listen, care, respect and help.



Elevate mental health awareness in our contractor community with the NAMI Los Angeles Chapter. WWCCA members gain exclusive access to critical resources, including Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention Training. Empower your leadership today.

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Discover Mental Health 1st Aid Training: Unlock the skills to provide crucial initial support for mental health challenges.

Explore Suicide Prevention Training: Gain insights and strategies to prevent suicide and promote mental well-being.

Take Action – Enroll Leadership in “Mental Health 1st Aid” or “Suicide Prevention”:  Commit to building a mentally healthy workplace by signing up for these impactful training programs with NAMI.

Order complimentary QR code stickers and Wallet cards for you company here.



A construction industry alliance logo with the words " suicide prevention ".

Initiate mental health campaigns and provide training. As a supervisor/manager understand triggers that can lead to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and drug abuse. Treat mental health same as physical health. Take time to listen, care, respect and help. Promote Safety 24/7 Culture.

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