A few of our most advanced members leading change in our industry to showcase their products and technology

Hilti 22 Volt Nuron power tools simplify your tool crib and jobsites with our connected tool services like Hilti Tool Fleet and ON!Track. Quickly check battery state of health and order replacements. Access services that help you find missing equipment or identify under-used or hoarded tools. And use the data from Nuron to help make informed decisions about your tool crib. To learn more about Nuron, Hilti’s new 22 Volt cordless battery power tool platform


San Francisco-based construction robotics startup Canvas is helping contractors build in bold new ways by putting better tools in the hands of skilled workers. With Canvas’s new worker-controlled robotic machine, contractors are able to make drywall finishing safer and more attractive to a shrinking pool of skilled labor (89% of contractors report they cannot find enough skilled labor), while realizing unmatched metrics for schedule, cost, quality and safety.

The Canvas System automates two of the toughest parts of the drywall finishing process: mudding and sanding. After completing training, Canvas Certified Finishers can complete a project in less time, while producing predictably high-quality finishes. More importantly, the machine minimizes and sometimes even eliminates the harsh working conditions that deter new workers from pursuing the trade and can cause others to leave the industry early.

The Canvas System:
Minimizes repetitive motion injuries (common in 1 of 4 drywall workers) by taking on the heavy lifting of machine sanding; Greatly reduces the opportunity for falls (most prevalent injury on construction sites) by enabling workers to tackle riskier elevated work from ground level; Improves worker air quality by capturing 99.9% of the dust produced in the sanding phase; and Eliminates the mess and the labor-intensive clean-up of traditional drywall finishing


Spectar is fully-immersive, hands-free Augmented Reality built for construction craftspeople. For General Contractors and Specialty Contractors, Spectar modernizes the means & methods of trade professionals with custom workflows and actionable, relevant information, so they can deliver prefabricated assemblies more efficiently, increase jobsite productivity, minimize rework, and develop their skills regardless of their level of expertise.
Spectar is the only AR tool that allows your trade professionals to perform installation & prefabrication tasks based on personalized data, 1:1 BIM model overlay, and in coordination with other trades and project stakeholders as well as VDC teams in the office. Developed for the field, with crafts professionals of all trades in mind.

Building Point

As the West Coast’s leading vertical construction technology provider and Authorized Trimble Distribution Partner for California, Hawaii, and Oregon, Building Point is your main point of contact for the portfolio of Trimble Buildings products. Our portfolio of products provides the widest breadth of technology solutions for each phase of the building lifecycle. With the industry’s only constructible process, and full range of tools and content to streamline team collaboration, Trimble solutions make data from complex projects more meaningful and actionable to improve productivity and achieve operational excellence.

Our company’s goal is to support our clients behind the scenes with technical expertise and advanced equipment.

The OPCMIA has pioneered groundbreaking, state-of-the-art virtual reality fireproofing training that can be provided at any location in a safe, cost-efficient and highly effective way.

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